Build a Portfolio of Construction Projects with Drone Pilots in Kalamazoo

When working in construction, it’s important to keep a portfolio of your work for business prospects, and, with Blue Fire Drones and our drone pilots in Kalamazoo, you can collect footage to show every part of your projects. Whether you’re a new construction business looking to start and build a portfolio or an established business looking to bring a new perspective to expand on one, Blue Fire Drones can help.

Start to finish

When you work with Blue Fire Drones, we can capture footage of your projects from start to finish to show every part of the construction process. From breaking ground to the final touches, our drone pilots in Kalamazoo can give you what you need to show prospective clients for future projects.

Every angle

When Blue Fire Drones gets you the aerial photos or video for your construction project in progress, you get more than just simple images that only give a limited scope. Capable of showing every side of your building in a single take from the air, Blue Fire Drones captures every aspect of the project, including where cranes placements are, materials surrounding the project, and more.

Finishing touches

When Blue Fire Drones shoots drone photography and videography for you, we not only take the footage at your site, but our professional team can provide edits, making the footage emphasize the most important parts of the construction process. If you need the footage for personal use when meeting with clients or would rather have it optimized for a website, our team will get it prepared however you need.

By bringing dynamic, impressive images and videos to you, Blue Fire Drones can provide you with the footage you need to relive events, improve company materials, and more. When you bring on our drone pilots in Kalamazoo with Blue Fire Drones, you bring on the best.