Capture Live Events This Fall with a Drone Pilot in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is a lively city, and it seems like every weekend, there is an event going on that you can hire a drone pilot to get coverage of. Whether you’re on the Kalamazoo parks and recreation board and are looking to get city-official footage for events or someone who simply wants to mark the magic of live events in Kalamazoo with quality footage, Blue Fire Drones from Blue Fire Media has the drone pilots for the job.

A new view

People are always impressed when they get to see something from a new perspective. With the striking shots given by the drone pilots at Blue Fire Drones, the footage that you take at every event will be amazing for you to watch and an interesting take on the event that you were part of. Any part of the event you may have missed you will be able to see, and your viewing of the event is vastly improved by the amount of cover our aerial shots can give.

Encapsulate the season

The holidays are coming up, and with them come fun events around downtown Kalamazoo that you can take video coverage of to remember them again and again. One of the best events to summarize the season in Kalamazoo is our holiday parade on November 10th. With a professional drone pilot, you can get the parade fully recorded looking down from on high. Perfect for marketing purposes or a personal video to share with friends and family, your drone video and drone photography shows it all.

Fall is a great time for recording events as there are so many of them! From hay rides to fall sports, you have plenty of opportunities to get special footage taken by a drone pilot of all your favorites. With our team of professionals and our top-of-the-line equipment, you know your footage will be exactly what you’re looking for.