Capture Your Graduation Party with Drone Photography in Battle Creek

As students from Battle Creek celebrate their success with graduation parties, you can help them to immortalize the occasion with drone photography in Battle Creek. Graduation parties are, a lot of the time, a large event with many people coming and going, and it may be hard to get pictures or video that truly encompasses the event. That’s where aerial pictures with Blue Fire Drones comes in.

Watch the event live

When our drone pilots come to your graduation party and record the event, you can watch the pictures being captured in real time. In this way, you can see exactly what is being shot and whether it’s capturing your party from the exact angles that you want. Our drone pilots on site will work with you to make sure your photos are exactly what you want them to be.

A new viewpoint

With drone photography from Blue Fire Drones, a recording of your graduation party takes on a whole new life. When you go back and see the pictures taken from your event, you will be able to see everything happening all at once from a birds-eye view. With a perspective from the air, your friends and family will be amazed with the pictures you’re able to take.

Photos how you want them

After the event is over and photos have been taken, our team can take your pictures and edit them to your specifications. Your photos are guaranteed to impress, but if you want to take them that one step further, our professional editors can touch up, add effects, and alter your pictures however you need.

If you need a way to bring a unique and visually-appealing viewpoint to your photos and footage, then drone video and drone photography is the choice for you. With Blue Fire Drones, you will take footage of your events from ordinary to eye-catching. To schedule a consultation or to have us work with you, contact us today!