Depend on Safe Drone Services in Kalamazoo

Although stay-at-home orders are starting to loosen, you can still depend on drone services in Kalamazoo from Blue Fire Drones to provide drone footage for you in a safe, professional way. Rather than putting yourself at unnecessary risk attempting to get footage you need for different reasons from outside locations, allow Blue Fire to the footage for you in a way that minimizes the potential of infection while also providing a great end-product.

Safely survey

Need property surveyed? We can do that! With aerial photography and video provided by Blue Fire Drones, you’ll have everything you need to properly perform property surveying through a company that doesn’t require any interaction, if necessary. We can discuss the details with you on the phone, go to your site, get your footage, and have it prepared and ready to deliver to you, all with minimal to no interaction face-to-face. Although we appreciate the opportunity to get to know our customers and build a relationship with them, we understand, given current circumstances, that it is better for everyone at this time to stay safe while receiving the quality services they need.

Every step of the way

Although property surveying is a great way to utilize the drone services in Kalamazoo from Blue Fire Drones, we also provide other services that are sure to please. Each drone service we provide can be done safely as well, and we work with every customer every step of the way in our process, ensuring the footage they get is the footage they’ve been looking for. And, if any edits need to be done after shooting to make it perfect, our team of professionals at Blue Fire Drones can trim, add effects, and more to get your footage where it needs to be.

Always providing great drone services in Kalamazoo, Blue Fire Drones gives you the capability to get drone footage where you need it, even during times of social distancing. Get drone services done safely with Blue Fire Drones.