Drone Photography in Kalamazoo from Blue Fire Drones

Are you tired of the same old pictures of your business where it is just the front of the building, and not showing off the other sides or even what your building looks like from afar? Are you looking to take photos and videos of your business or home property in all types of new angles? Drone photography in Kalamazoo is exactly what you need. At Blue Fire Drones, we want to take your business to new heights with our stunning drone photos and videos.

Live Events

If you want to capture the moment of a festival, wedding, or a business event for those who could not attend, we’ve got you covered. Our team of drone experts strives to help you capture these defining and irreplaceable moments in your lives that deserve to be kept and shared with family and friends to view them again and again with family and friends. With our services, we want to work with you to make sure every photo and video to captured with real time at the exact angles you desire.

Real Estate

Are you trying to sell your home and want to capture not only the front and the inside of the house, but other angles you haven’t even imagined? Our aerial photography and videos can help with this and increase interest in your property.  We want to help you capture photos of your property at breathtaking views that we guarantee persuade perspective buyers to purchase your property.

Here at Blue Fire Drones, we want to provide you the best drone photography in Kalamazoo for your content needs. We will visit your location, capture high-quality footage that will wow your customers, friends, and family. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation!