Drone Pilots in Kalamazoo Provide Minimal-Contact Land Surveying

With virus cases on the rise again, you can depend on the professional drone pilots in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Drones to handle land surveying that you need done with minimal contact involved. Compared to regular land surveying that may require many workers to be out and meeting with the owner of the land, Blue Fire Drones can provide professional drone footage of the area that you need surveyed with only a single pilot on site, without the need to disregard social distancing safety practices.

Same great footage

When you get video footage or photos from your drone pilots in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Drones, you get the same great footage that you would get from traditional land surveying methods. Our drones all use modern day technology, giving you quality images that can give you a perfect, clear picture for land surveying purposes. And, if there’s anything in particular that you need focused in on, our professional pilots can film those specific areas with ease from the skies. Plus, any post-image or footage editing can be done by our team to ensure that the drone footage you have is exactly what you need for surveying purposes.

Faster survey times

Because drone footage can survey from a higher perspective, it can often lead to faster surveying times for your property. Rather than an individual making their way through your entire property, our long-lasting drones can do a full sweep of the area in question much faster, leading your process to be shortened so you can move on with your business. And, with only one of our drone pilots in Kalamazoo necessary to help you with this, you can have minimal worry about virus concerns when communicating with our team on the site. And, if you need any social distancing parameters met, our team is more than willing to comply to make the process easy.

Going above and beyond the norms of land surveying, the drone pilots in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Drones give you the tools you need to survey easier and more efficiently. Contact us today to get started on yours!