Fly with a Trusted and Licensed Drone Pilot

You may have known someone getting a drone for Christmas this year, but, although they can be fun, every drone pilot should make sure they know the rules before heading to the skies. Due to restrictions from the Federal Aviation Administration, pilots must make sure they aren’t breaking any rules when flying their drone, and Blue Fire Drones has the licensed professionals you can count on.

Where you can fly

When you choose to fly with Blue Fire Drones, you can get your drone footage without worry of any regulations being broken. You must know where and when you can fly when taking a recreational drone out into public spaces, and we can make sure every flight follows the laws. Areas in which you must follow restrictions are flying only 400 feet above the ground or a structure, not flying over the heads of people who are not participating in operation of the drone, and not flying within a 5-mile radius of an airport without proper authorization. If there is enough space for drones to fly indoors, if you’re following the other regulations set by the FAA, you or we can fly and get the right footage.

When you can fly

Although nighttime might seem like a great time to shoot with city lights shining bright, you need the proper paperwork to do it without breaking regulations. Flying with recreational drones must be done during daylight hours, with limits being either 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset. The only time you can do otherwise is with a nighttime waiver, and Blue Fire Drones has applied for, and used these waivers before, meaning you can trust us with your nighttime flying.

Blue Fire Drones has the answers you need when it comes to aerial video and aerial photography. Our licensed professionals can get you the footage you need while always abiding by FAA regulations.