Gather Historic Footage with Drone Pilots in Kalamazoo

Whether we realize it or not, we’re living through history right now with COVID-19, and you can get historic footage from an interesting point of view with drone pilots in Kalamazoo from Blue Fire Drones. As holidays come and go during times of social distancing, quarantine, and more, you can gather footage with Blue Fire Drones that can show how everything has had an effect on tourist areas, national parks, and more.

Take to the skies

When you’re trying to capture historic footage of different locations during this time, the drone pilots in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Drones can give your footage a unique perspective that can sometimes better show what you’re trying to capture. Whether it’s beaches that are becoming more populated with warmer weather or a downtown shopping center, you can capture areas that are sure to show the difference in numbers due to people practicing social distancing or not. Your footage can be an important tool in collecting evidence of what it means to live in a strange time in history, and Blue Fire Drones will provide you the resources to do it in a professional way.

Edit it in

Once your footage has been taken by us, if you’re interested in including it within any sort of special media, the team at Blue Fire Drones can also help you to get it done! Our team has experience editing photos and video footage to add them into almost any format that you might need. So, whether you’re gathering footage of this time for a presentation, website, or even personal use to show others the effects that COVID-19 has had on different locations, you can get it professionally edited and implemented with Blue Fire Drones.

Whatever your drone footage needs, Blue Fire Drones has the equipment and capability to best help. To get started on yours with our drone pilots in Kalamazoo, contact us today!