Replay Winter’s Moments with Aerial Video in Kalamazoo

This winter has had the occasional bout of crazy weather, and if you want to share it, or have footage of it for future viewing, you can do so with aerial video in Kalamazoo. From winter storms to heat waves, some of what we’ve dealt with you’d have to see to believe, and drone video from Blue Fire Drones can give you that extra special point of view to witness it all time and time again.


Between the heat waves that we’ve had in Kalamazoo, we’ve also had an impressive amount of snowfall within a short timespan each time it’s come down. With aerial video in Kalamazoo from Blue Fire Drones, we can take to the skies and capture the landscape after it’s received its thorough dusting of snow. With drone video, you’ll see everything from a new perspective, and witness just how the winter weather has affected the landscape surrounding you.

Outdoor fun

If you enjoy winter sports, drone video is the perfect way to share your passion with others, through enchanting footage that will awe viewers. Whether your favorite winter sport is skiing, snowboarding, hockey, or any others, Blue Fire Drones provides the aerial video in Kalamazoo to help you relive those great moments out in the cold.

Winter events

With our capabilities to shoot year-round, we can save you the trouble of filming your favorite winter events. From polar dips to sledding trips, you can keep your hands warm and ditch the camera by hiring the drone experts at Blue Fire Drones. Professionally shot footage will give you the video you want of your event, so you can enjoy the experience and forget about the hassle of taping it.

When you want to bring visual appeal to video that can be put on website or file for personal use, Blue Fire Drones can provide aerial video in Kalamazoo that is sure to impress.