See the Bigger Picture with a Drone Services in Kalamazoo

Downtown events seem to become more prominent as we enter the fall and winter seasons, and, it’s during these that you can get quality drone services in Kalamazoo that capture every part of them. Blue Fire Drones provides drone video and drone photography for any individual, group, or business that wants to get footage of their seasonal events in a fresh and exciting way.

Parade footage

If there’s one thing the holidays bring to almost every town, it’s a fall and/or winter parade. With Blue Fire Drones, you can get an impressive view of your town or city’s parade that can show off the scope of people participating in it, as well as the people viewing it. Perfect for promotional materials, a personal collection of video, or historic footage for something like a town or city’s anniversary for a parade, our drone services in Kalamazoo make sure you get the drone photos and video you need.

Fall festivals

With fall often comes festivals that take place out in the cool, fall air. From cider and donuts to corn mazes, fall brings a variety of events that are perfect to shoot from on high with drone footage. Blue Fire Drones’ pilots are professionals with the experience and knowledge you can depend on to get the best footage for your events.

Professional production

After shooting your fall footage, Blue Fire Drones edits and touches up everything to ensure that your footage is perfect. From the perfect shots to an excellent finished product, you can count on Blue Fire Drones to get you the best possible drone footage in Kalamazoo.

Whether it’s drone photos or drone video, Blue Fire Drones has the technology and pilots to give you the drone services in Kalamazoo you’re looking for. Contact us today if you have an event upcoming that you would like to be filmed with our drones!