Stay Warm with Aerial Video in Kalamazoo

With us getting closer and closer to painfully frigid temperatures, Blue Fire Drones can offer you a way to capture aerial video in Kalamazoo this winter without having to be out in the cold. With professional drone pilots for hire, we can give you the drone video and drone photographs you need to perfectly capture any event, outing, and more.

Advertise crowds

If you run events that see a lot of people, drone footage can be a great way to show just how many show up. Capable of capturing whole crowds in sweeping shots, drone footage can bring the scope of an event into perspective for any donors, funders, or guests who may want to participate in future years! Blue Fire Drones can get the best angles of these crowds during your event to ensure that your aerial video in Kalamazoo is as effective as possible.

We do the work

Rather than having to be personally responsible for your footage, Blue Fire Drones can be the ones out in the cold to get the perfect shot. You can stay warm inside, simply approving which footage it is that you prefer after what we’ve shot is finished and cut. Our professional team of videographers ensures the footage is given in a presentable and polished way, ready for presentations to future clients of yours, or just the right finish for footage of personal use.

Include in a site

Our sister company, Blue Fire Media, can take the footage we shoot for you and apply it to a website you own to get the most use out of your marketing methods. Done to make sure the process is as easy as it gets, Blue Fire Drones and Blue Fire Media handles every step of the process for your aerial video in Kalamazoo.

From breathtaking photos to eye-catching video imagery, Blue Fire Drones provides drone services during colder weather, so you don’t have to go out in the cold yourself. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!