Your Capable and Dependable Kalamazoo Drone Company

Whether financially, emotionally, or mentally, we at Blue Fire Drones know that this year has been taxing on many, and that is why we are still here as your dependable Kalamazoo drone company to give you the footage you need. Capable of shooting for almost anything, the drone footage provided by Blue Fire Drones can give you the specialized footage you are looking for to show off events, impressive nature shots, property, and more.

Flexible footage

Whether it is for a late night shot of a sunset on the beach or a midday shot of property for promotional purposes, Blue Fire Drones is the Kalamazoo drone company that does it all. Our professional drone pilots can help you find the perfect spot to capture footage from the sky for any purpose that you might need it for. We have worked with a variety of clients to help them capture the perfect footage for their purposes, always working with them to ensure that what we capture is what they need.

Following all guidelines

Whether you knew it or not, drone footage has to be shot under the restrictions of the Federal Aviation Administration. Blue Fire Drones abides by all current FAA restrictions to ensure that our clients do not get in any legal trouble for the footage that they require. These restrictions are in place to make sure that both our pilots and bystanders stay safe. So, when you work with our Kalamazoo drone company, you know you are working with one that not only gets you great footage, but one that is following the law to ensure safety of those within the shooting area.

With the skilled team at Blue Fire Drones, you can get the perfect, edited drone footage to suit your purposes. Always ready to help with whatever you need footage of, contact us today!