Drone Photography at Your Request

With support from Blue Fire Drones, your business or home property may be captured in a unique and impressive way through drone photography and drone video. Every shot we take is professionally framed to best show off your business or home property. With the drone experts at Blue Fire Drones, you can be sure that your aerial photography and aerial video will capture the perfect shot every time.

Aerial Video

Elevate your website with drone video

With drone pilots at Blue Fire Drones, you can encapsulate your property from a whole new viewpoint. With our drones, we can shoot and edit footage to your specifications to make sure you showcase everything you need to throughout your video. With the high definition video taken from our drones, your property is sure to impress. To see some examples of our drone pilots’ work, check out the link and videos below.

Aerial Photography

Take your photos to new heights with drone photography

If you are looking for a way to bring a new perspective to your photos, then drone photography is the service you need. With aerial photography from Blue Fire Drones, we will give your photos a uniqueness that is unparalleled. Whether you’re a realtor looking for the perfect shot of a property for sale or the event coordinator of an outdoor festival looking to take sweeping shots of your crowds, Blue Fire Drones can do the job. To see examples of our past work, click the link or look at the photos presented below.

Construction Sites

Take construction site viewing to higher places

When you’re managing a construction site, you may want to get a full picture of the area you’re working on. Thanks to drone video from Blue Fire Drones, viewing your site is easier than ever. With drone pilots for hire, Blue Fire Drones can help you see your site from every angle through aerial video and aerial photography. To see some of our previous work for construction sites, click the link below.

Golf Courses

See your course from a new point of view

If you own a golf course, then you know that people like to see a course’s layout before they decide to visit. You can take regular pictures or video of your course, but it won’t have the same impact as seeing every hole from the air. With Blue Fire Drones taking aerial photography and aerial video of your course, golf enthusiasts will get the ideal view they are looking for to convince them to visit your course. For examples of our past work with golf courses, click the link below.

Real Estate

Show off property in high-resolution photo and video

Before visiting a real estate property, people look at pictures and video to make sure it is somewhere they’d be interested to see in person. Blue Fire Drones helps you to increase the appeal of property by capturing all the most beautiful parts of that property with drone video and drone photography. With our photo and video coverage, prospective buyers can view properties in a unique and stunning way. To see previous real estate properties we’ve captured, click the link below.

Live Events

Immortalize your special occasion

From concerts to school events, live events are irreplaceable in our memories. Often a defining moment in our lives, they are something that deserves to be preserved so we can view them again and again with family and friends. With the drone experts at Blue Fire Drones, your live event may be captured from a viewpoint that encompasses everything happening throughout the event. To see some of the past live events we have covered, clink the link below.